Tax is one of the company’s obligations that need to be fulfilled to the state. Taxes are one of the sources of government budget revenues that companies must pay for business operations. Companies need to comply with tax obligations that have been regulated in various government regulations to avoid various administrative sanctions that can increase company expenses.

The complexity of tax calculation that must be paid by the company is one of the factors causing companies often to experience conditions of underpayment or overpayment. Management needs to understand business conditions with various applicable taxes and perform tax calculations appropriately and accurately to minimize the risk of additional costs due to taxes.

In addition to calculating taxes, management also needs to pay attention to reporting on taxes that have been calculated and paid. Companies need to fulfill a tax return (SPT), both monthly/periodic SPT (SPT Masa) and annual SPT (SPT Tahunan). This SPT needs to be reported by the company following the format and time limit specified to avoid tax sanctions.

ShineWing Solution is here to be a solution for you as an external party to meet your company’s tax compliance needs following government regulations. Our team of tax specialists is ready to help and assist you in completing various tax documents that must be owned by the company, calculating applicable taxes, and reporting tax returns according to calculations that have been made precisely and accurately to minimize possible tax risks.