Every workforce is entitled to receive income for his contribution to the company. Workforces are entitled to receive wages and incentives while doing their jobs, following the regulations stipulated in the Manpower Act. Laws need to be formulated by the government to ensure that every workforce receives the rights that must be obtained while doing his/her job.

Management needs to pay attention to applicable government regulations in planning salaries and facilities for workers, including social security. Management needs to pay attention to the minimum wage that must be received by workers, the effect of leave and work permits on salary calculations, overtime calculations, and other dependent variables. Management also needs to know what social security needs are mandatory for the workforce, how the registration, payment, and collection mechanisms are.

ShineWing Solution is here to be a solution for you in identifying and implementing the company’s workforce salary mechanism and social security registration. We are here to help and assist you in calculating your salary according to applicable regulations, work activities, and the applied terms of leave and work permits. We are also ready to help in registering mandatory social security for your workforce and calculate the contribution payments that are burdened to the employer.