Prospective investors need to understand the characteristics of the Indonesian market before starting a business. Each country has different tastes and ways of penetration to achieving the potential for domestic market domination. This is still often misunderstood by potential investors by assuming that penetration in the emerging markets is the same.

In addition, the lack of careful planning is still one of the factors that fail to run a business in Indonesia. Without careful planning, potential investors do not understand the company’s internal and external potential, so planning is needed as a success factor and risk mitigation for failure to run a business.

Careful planning needs to be done by potential investors as well as possible. This plan includes company fundamentals, competitor analysis, and market penetration. This can be achieved by developing a proper and in-depth feasibility study.

ShineWing Solution is here to assist potential investors in developing a feasibility study to start a business. As local consultants, we understand the characteristics of the market in Indonesia and are experienced in assisting potential investors in making the right plans as your basis for entering the market in Indonesia.