Promotion strategy is one of the important aspects of successful product marketing. Promotion is not only about price discounts but also includes communicating products to potential consumers regarding quality and benefits until consumers decide to buy and the product is widely known.

Prospective investors find it difficult to decide on the right step to enter the Indonesian market due to the various choices of marketing promotion strategies. Potential investors are confused about a good first step in entering the market, whether it is better to start a business immediately or with a first introduction. This strategy needs to be adapted to the characteristics of the market in Indonesia so that it is easier to accept and is a good first step for potential investors.

ShineWing Solution is here as a solution for potential investors to determine the right promotion plan for your business. We are ready to understand the characteristics of your product, match it with the characteristics of the market, and help your product to enter Indonesia, either through exhibitions as a first step or directly opening the first branch.