Regulation is still one of the main inhibiting factors for prospective employers, especially foreign investors, in establishing a business in Indonesia. Regulations related to business establishment in Indonesia are still considered less competitive, even though they have been updated in the Omnibus Law. Regulations are considered to still lack legal certainty and facilitate ease of business establishment in Indonesia.

Potential investors have not fully looked at Indonesia’s potential because it is completely hampered by the ease of establishing a business. Indonesia has various advantages as an option for foreign direct investment, there are having extensive natural resources, reaching domestic market potential, relatively cheap labor costs, and other advantages. However, based on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking, Indonesia is ranked in the 73rd position. Despite the rank improvement, Indonesia’s potential is not enough to attract potential investors when comparing the ease of doing business with other neighboring countries, such as Singapore which is ranked in the 2nd position, Malaysia in the 12th position, Thailand in the 21st position, and India in the 63rd position.

ShineWing Solution is here as a solution for potential foreign investors in establishing a business in Indonesia. We are here to understanding your establishment plan, providing solutions related to the form of business that is following the plan until the business establishment process has met the legality of applicable laws and is ready to run a business in Indonesia.