Management system standards need to be applied in the business activities of a company. This standard is used as a guideline for ongoing operational activities to prevent various problems that can arise, including execution errors, inaccuracy in time, workforce disorder, and other problems. Potential problems that can arise need to be mitigated because they can impact the production process and will impact the company’s overall activities.

One of the internationally recognized standards is the ISO standard. ISO stands for International Organization of Standardization, a global organization consisting of national standardization bodies from more than 140 countries. Standards issued by ISO for various industries have become standards recognized by countries all around the world so that having ISO certification will become an advantage for companies.

The advantages of ISO certification are not limited to compliance with regulations. The standard in ISO certification is a guide that companies can use to manage the company’s management system so it will maintain operational activities and the quality of the products/services offered by carrying out the correct and appropriate implementation. ISO certification is also one of the aspects that stakeholders look to for deciding a decision, including gaining the trust of investors and consumers, assessment aspects in transactions with suppliers or clients (especially the import-export sector), and other strategic decisions.

ShineWing Solution is here to be a solution for you in providing consultation and training during the company’s process for achieving ISO certification. We are here to help and assist you in analyzing the gaps that exist between your business operations and the required standards, documentation, implementation, internal audits, and improvements until your company is ready to be audited by the relevant Certification Body.