Various funding strategies need to be designed by the company in carrying out business activities. Proper funding is needed following the company’s needs. The company needs to know each characteristic and nature of funding so that it can consider the benefits and risks derived from funding.

IPO is one of the funding strategies that can be taken by management in obtaining funds for business. IPOs have various benefits that can be felt both for companies and investors, including:

  • Source of funding in the form of equity for the company.
  • Increase the value of the company’s shares.
  • Increase professionalism and credibility.
  • Creating liquidity for the company’s shares.
  • Get tax incentives.
  • Encouragement and requirement for the company to develop good corporate governance.

Before conducting an IPO, companies need to carry out financial restructuring carefully. Restructuring can be done for both debt and equity. The restructuring was carried out to meet the provisions and regulations in the IPO process and other purposes, such as the execution of bond conversions and reducing dilution effects. Restructuring is the first step that companies must take in the IPO process.

ShineWing Solution is here to be a solution for you in carrying out all the steps that need to be implemented in the IPO process. We are here to help and assist you in restructuring, pre-IPO preparation until the company is successful in listing its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange following the plans and strategies that have been formulated by management. The successful IPO process is our priority in providing services, according to our expertise and experience as well as the client’s needs.