Guidelines within the company are one of the aspects that need to be considered in running a business. Guidelines are the company’s internal values that support the success of the business operations being carried out. The guidelines will encourage business activities to run in a more systematic and organized manner.

This aspect is not often the focus of potential investor’s attention in setting up a business. Potential investors are more focused on how the product can be delivered to potential consumers appropriately. The company’s steps in controlling the external environment are threatened with failure without a strong internal foundation.

Various guidelines can be designed by the company, namely by establishing clear operating standards and regulations and also following existing regulations. Standards and regulations need to be made in such a way and well socialized to all employee’s levels from the start in the company to minimize misinterpretation and wrong execution at work. In addition, standards and regulations also need to follow the regulations set by the government, such as the rules for working hours, overtime and leave with the Manpower Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3) with the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower (Permenaker), and other regulations so that companies avoid various administrative sanctions that can be imposed due to company’s non-compliance.

ShineWing Solution is here as a solution for potential investors in assisting and help in formulating operating standards and regulations that the company needs to set to maintain business operations. The formed standards and regulations will become strong guidelines and values for the company in achieving business goals.