The quality of human capital is one of the success factors in running a business. Human capital is included as one of the 6 management elements (6M) which play an important role in carrying out the management process, starting from planning until the production process is carried out.

The human capital that needs to be considered includes all levels of management within the company. Prospective investors who want to set up a business need to find top-level management personnel who capable to plan and determine the right strategy in achieving business goals and also find first-level management personnel who capable to carry out business operations properly and according to the plans that have been arranged.

Potential investors are often having problems finding the right person to work for running their business. Various problems that can be faced are starting from the search and personnel identification process, selection, and recruitment processes. The inappropriate entire process related to human capital will affect the ongoing business operations.

ShineWing Solution is here to be a solution for you from the planning process until finding the right personnel for your company. We are here to help and assist you in developing the recruitment publication process, designing the right job description and related to the position, selection process implementation until recommending professional candidates that are suitable for your company. Besides that, we also can assist in carrying out the secondment agreement process, starting from the writing to the terms and conditions that will apply in the secondment so that the initial set-up of human capital planning for the establishment of your business is really ready to run.