Mergers and acquisitions are one of the common and most beneficial strategies in achieving business objectives, either increasing growth and surviving in difficult conditions. The synergies generated by mergers and acquisitions make business operations more profitable, both for actors and targets. The resulted synergies attract stakeholders to maintain relationships with the company.

Various processes need to be done before companies execute the mergers and acquisitions strategy. In-depth and accurate implementation of the stages is a key success factor in mergers and acquisitions. Stages that need to be done are as follows:

  • Pre-execution: Formulating strategy and target selection.
  • Execution: Analysis, negotiation, and structuring.
  • Post-execution: Integration and exit strategy plan.

ShineWing Solution is here to be a solution for you in developing all the stages that need to be done in taking a merger and acquisition strategy.  We are here to help and assist you in finding and recommending target companies, fundamental analysis, fair value assessment, structurization until the integration process to ensure that merger and acquisition plans are carefully prepared and increase the potential for successful synergies resulting from mergers and acquisitions. We can also assist you in planning an exit strategy as a precaution against merger and acquisition decisions that have been implemented.