Companies need to record transactions using the applicable principles and Financial Accounting Standards (SAK) in Indonesia. The accounting standards currently in force in Indonesia are PSAK-IFRS (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards-International Financial Report Standard), SAK-ETAP (Financial Accounting Standards for Entities Without Public Accounting), PSAK-Syariah (Statement of Sharia Accounting Standards), and SAP (Statement of Accounting Standards) Government Accounting Standards). Each SAK needs to be understood regarding the required structure and procedures with adjustments to the company’s business activities.

SAK has an important role in the company’s financial statement reporting. SAK functions as a procedure for preparing financial reports so that the reports presented have a uniformity that is easier for stakeholders to understand. Ease of understanding financial statements is useful in analyzing the company’s historical capabilities, comparing financial statements with competitors in the same industry, and making it easier for auditors to carry out the audit process.

The reports that need to be submitted by the company are not only limited to financial statements. Various reports need to be submitted by the company either to manage relationships with stakeholders and complying with applicable regulations. Other forms of reports that need to be submitted by companies other than financial statements are as follows:

  • Investment Activity Report (LKPM) for investment companies
  • Prospectus for companies wishing to conduct Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Annual report for issuers or public companies
  • Sustainability reports for financial services institutions, issuers, and public companies
  • Other mandatory reports

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