Accounting has an important role in business. Accounting is financial information that can be used by internal and external parties for business planning and various strategic decisions. Accounting can be used as an asset for ongoing business operations evaluation.

Accounting needs to be planned and prepared well by management, considering the important role it has for the company. Management needs to ensure that accounting records have been carried out properly and accurately according to transactions that occurred and following the accounting standards used by the company. Accuracy of records plays an important role in conveying relevant financial information to interested parties.

ShineWing Solution is here to be a solution for you as an external party that can provide overall accounting services for your company. We are capable and experienced in performing accounting services starting from establishing accounting systems and Chart of Accounts (COA) to recording journals and providing required financial reports by the company. We are also ready to review the financial statements that have been made, whether they are following the standards and whether there are errors in recording and make necessary adjustments.