ShineWing Solution is a company with two main services i.e. corporate service and business advisory company In corporate service, it provide pre-establishment, establishment, business set up, administration outsourcing and accounting service. Meanwhile in business advisory team, it provides business advisory related to risk, restructuring, funding, merger and acquisition.

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Corporate Services

Corporate Incorporation

Overseas Pre-establishment Study

We help in the study, analyzes and determining the best steps for foreign investors to generate successful market entry that rely on adequate knowledge, understanding of new market, and involving extensive market research

Overseas Corporate Establishment

We advise foreign investors or companies on their eligibility to start business in Indonesia along with its applicable regulations such as the company name, deed of establishment, legal entity, tax ID ( domicile letter, NIB, and other licenses

Overseas Marketing Promotion

In addition to assistance that we provide to our clients in building their business, we also assists our clients in building and enhancing its business brand image in overseas market We would be able to develop and implement effective marketing promotion strategies to increase brand awareness and draw attention to new products

Overseas Business Development

We help companies develop the business in the overseas market from various aspects, such as applicable regulations compliance and search for best prospective agents whom we could present your company profile as well as deliver the reports of the said prospective agent’s selection evaluation

Initial Set-up for Legal Agreement, Standard
Operating Procedures and Company Regulation

We help companies establish standard operating guidelines that describe quality, performance, safety, terminology, testing, or management systems, to name a few We could assist them in setting up the standard, in line with the company’s values until it is ready to be implemented consistently

Initial Set-up for Information Technology, Website, Social Media and Management

We help develop specific software solutions for our clients in accordance to their business needs, integrated with business projects Moreover, we could also assist them through the full software development lifecycle Our approach is to focus on the company’s business goals and long term strategy with effective product management and agile transformation to achieve sustainable outcomes

Initial Set-up for Human Capital: Executive Search, Recruitment and Temporary Secondment

We assists companies in filling their human resource needs, especially at a high organizational level, and provide shortlisted professional candidates to be chosen We could also help the employers & employees putting the secondment agreement in writing, including the terms and conditions that will apply during the secondment

Initial Set-up for Workplace: Acquisition,
Architecture, Layout and Construction Arrangement

We assists our clients in locating the strategic place according to business needs, area, building dimension, land, and property types.
We assist our clients by making simple sketches to find the right contractor who could place the location in the right target market.
We would assist our clients up to completion of workplace development and handover process and until it is ready to use for business operation

Management Consultancy


We provide a full selection of accounting services With our outsourcing business accounting, company’s operating costs and administrative burden will be reduced while ultimately increase its business flexibility and growth


We provide tax specialist team to dedicate their expertise in the tax compliance with the
prevailing regulations We assist your company to conduct the adequate and accurate measures on complying tax obligations to avoid potential tax risk

Compilation and Specific Reporting

We provide our clients with compilation services for financial statements and other specific report We keep our professionalism in ensuring that the compilation report or specific report is arranged well and following the actual client’s data


We assists companies in developing and managing the receipts and administer the payment processes that occur in running the business based on the recorded transactions that occurred


We help companies develop construction value optimization through the cost of materials and methods that best fit the project objectives in order to achieve client’s cost efficiency We have expertise in developing accurate information about cost and schedule implications in addition to functionality, aesthetics, and

Meeting, Convention and Exhibition

Our team is expert in organizing and planning all private or corporate events, such as product launches, press conferences, corporate meetings, marketing event programs, and providing corporate team development
Our services will help clients finding suitable venues and accommodation, transportations,
including transfer and ground handling operations, Tours, and excursions

ISO and Management System

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide services beyond the management
system lines we are known for We take pride in delivering value added services by helping our clients improve transparency, governance accountability, and business performance and
return Our team provide professional service to develop, maintain, training and obtain ISO
Certification for all business process or certain areas, and guarantee organization to
obtain ISO certification

Payroll & Social Securities Outsourcing

We assists companies in formulating the right salary allocation for each company’s workforce based on attendance, work performance, overtime, and bonuses that each employee is entitled to receive. We are ready to process raw payroll data by the latest Indonesian regulations and will provide other assistance, such as tax advice and post payroll audits so that you can focus on your core business We could also assist the company in their social security (BPJS) registration for their employees

Business Advisory

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Help the company to assuring that the business is run legally and professionally We are investigating and screening the background, current condition, and potential business from all aspects to verify and understand all related facts and risks by cooperating with another party

Deal, Merger and Acquisition

Assist the company in studying and analyzing company conditions and performance as well as determining and providing alternatives for the company regarding the best funding that needs to be implemented We analyze what best funding options for improving business performance, including merger acquisition for related parties synergy

IPO and Financial Restructuring

Assist the company in successfully taking IPO steps for business growth Ready to assist the entire related process starting from restructuring for IPO preparation, preparation for initial offering, registration statement process to successfully listing shares on the
stock exchange We will help you recommend the best option for the company to get business funds with a financial restructuring evaluation

Receivable and Payable Restructuring

Help the company to do receivable/payable management in order to make or receive payments efficiently, cost effective, and accurate for lowering business operation costs Our team are capable to assist clients to develop a vigorous and systematic receivable payable process for improving control performance and low cost of processing

Risk Management

Help the company to develop the identification, assessment, control and finance of risk associated with a company’s operations in order to providing risk management program in line with the efficiency of the company’s work practices
We are expertized to give advice and assist to developing practical risk avoidance for enhancing the safety and reliability of client’s operation whilst maximizing risk reduction and production efficiencies

Regulatory Compliance

Help the company to adherence all policy, rule, and procedure applied that may be too much, too complicated because always being updated We are ready to consult and assist you in complying with business specific
industry regulations, such as The Financial Services Authority (OJK), Tax Authority, Ministry of Health, and others

Internal Audit

Our team is ready to assist you in understanding your business strategy and its associated business drivers We also help to evaluate how that business strategy is delivered through an appropriate operational business plan and process framework Our evaluation will help the quality and effectiveness of the client’s business performance

Family Business

The family business is an important role in economic development and we are ready to assist clients in developing a good family business We give assistance in building a family business with a competitive advantage that has a strong vision, mission, and values we can help your family business to manage the ownership and
growth at every stage by providing support in good corporate governance, succession planning and business continuity, and next
generation education and transition