is a tax consulting company which specializes in delivering high quality tax service related tax record, tax audit, tax dispute and international taxation including of Transfer Pricing Documentation

Tax Services

Tax For Compliance

Our team is qualified and specialist to dedicate their expertise in tax compliance with the prevailing regulations We assist your company to conduct adequate and accurate measures on implementing the tax obligations to avoid potential tax risk. This service covers the activities of preparing and filing Annual Tax Returns and/or Periodic Tax Returns (SPT Masa) following the taxation regulations. Moreover, our team has experience working for the
tax authority, which brings in depth insight into the workings of the tax authorities, adding significant value to your business

Tax Administration

We assist your company in handling tax administration from registration and revocation of
Tax ID Number (NPWP) and Registered Person Confirmation Number (NPPKP) application for overbooking to the Tax Authority, application for centralization of VAT administration until the application for tax exemption certificate (SKB) and tax clearance.
We help to review your company’s current tax management for further developing or enhancing the standard operating procedures (SOP) for carrying out all tax related activities to comply with the tax regulations

Tax Efficiency Restructuring

Our team understands tax regulation aspects across business fields, at both local and international, to help you set up sound policies to structure tax efficient business processes. Our service is including to develop a preventive model against intense scrutiny and tax disputes.
We have a specialist in Tax Efficient Structuring, we
can give the best way of the mitigation the risk tax exposure or mapping tax risks within the overall business process until the solution to restructuring
overall business process or transactions in a tax
efficient manner

International Taxation

We point out complex international tax issues to minimize the tax burden and to meet the tax compliance requirements in certain countries We will assist the initial research regarding establishing a business overseas,
consultation for cross border investment approaches for merger and acquisition, implementation of Transfer Pricing Documentation, Tax Planning for Cross Border Transactions, Transfer Pricing Review, Transfer Pricing Audit, and Transfer Pricing Dispute Resolution

Tax For Litigation

Our teams are ready to assist you in the whole process of litigation in the tax court, including tax lawsuits and experience in many leading tax cases
Our service includes Presenting strategies to win cases Reviewing relevant documents before submission Preparing correspondence for tax authorities Represent you in meetings with tax
authorities or a tax court

Tax Audit Assistance

Our team is experienced in assisting and representing your company in case of a tax audit
This is to prevent your company from receiving Tax Assessment Notices with an inappropriate amount of tax due and severe fines due to mistakes in
submitting Tax Returns or a failure in showing proper and complete accounting process as well as the supporting documents

Tax Due Diligence

Our team has significant experience involving tax due diligence on Private Placement or Merger and Acquisition transactions across all industries, including financial institutions, energy, environmental services, and technology.
We can Identify business historical tax risks and unutilized tax opportunities We advice how to manage the risks, advising the strategies to implement company tax policy to cover tax risk

Tax Dispute

We have extensive experience assisting not only the company but also private persons to resolve tax disputes We do the analysis and conduct document checking to minimalize tax risk, especially about tax calculation differentiation with tax authorities We support you to do tax appeals negotiate with the necessary documentation We
use effective strategies to mitigate and manage potential resolution through the litigation process