Training isn’t just important to any company, it is vital. Training is an educational skills, broadening of concepts, changing of behavior and advancement of knowledge to enhance the performance of the employees. We are here as a solution to provide high quality training seminars. We exist to deliver services that will exceed expectations of our clients.

We will provide the clients with seminars and training covering the subject of programs based on Soft Skills, Industry Specific, Accounting and Taxation, all programs will be presented by our Experts in those fields. The subjects will be thought in either seminar format or training program format, the seminar format is a presentation that concentrate on specific topic. For the seminars, the audience just observes. A training program is like a seminar except the attendees participate in the entire process. We also provide a tailored in-house training program to address the specific needs of required skills within your organization. While the office is located in UOB Plaza 31st floor, the seminars and training programs will take place around Indonesia

Our Range of Services

  • Management skills
  • Effective communication & presentation skills
  • Leadership training for managers
  • Financial accounting & taxation
  • Industry Specific Training
  • In-House & tailored training
  • Embracing cultural diversity
  • Training & seminars event organizer