IT plan, network & platform

IT plan is defining your IT goals and creating the steps needed to reach them. Our experts will prepare IT plans according to the industry best-practice and we provide the best solution for your Network Infrastructures and Technology Platform to support your business needs.

IT policies & procedure

The IT policies & procedures refer to the development or acquisition, testing and implementing applications and databases to support the department’s business needs to capture, store, retrieve, transfer, communicate, and disseminate information through automated systems. We design IT policy & procedures to fit your unique business process.

IT general control & application control

IT General Control & Application Control are an activity to identify and assess any potential risk from the relevant IT environment. ITGC can be an independent report or a supporting report as part of the financial audit engagement. Our experienced team conducts ITGC and Application Control to deliver reports, findings, and recommendations.

Regulatory Information system compliance (ISO 20071)

Regulatory compliance describes the goal that organizations aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations. The regulator ensures that each company has met the requirements from the security of the system to contingency activities. We can assist companies to prepare and comply with various regulations.

Digital security evaluation

Digital security evaluation is the examination of a system to determine its degree of compliance with a stated security model, security standard, or specification. We analyze the design using verification and validation, observe its functional behaviour, and attempt to penetrate the system. With our method, we can help you meet your digital security evaluation requirement.

Data analytical & business intelligence

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are focused on the future and answers to questions such as:
What will happen in the future? How can we make it happen? How can we avoid unwanted situations? We can assist in conducting data analysis with industry best-practice.

IT training & knowledge management

Many companies fail to enable a knowledge-sharing culture. Increase in contingent workers and the risk of knowledge loss in sensitive business areas is higher than ever. Knowledge management can reduce risk, shorten the learning curve for new employees, and reduce the cost and speed to market. Our experts can provide organizations achieve their goals by applying innovative knowledge management solutions.

IT helpdesk & support

IT Helpdesk & Support is a professional support service to help our customers focus on their main
business. We will be part of the organization to manage the IT function such as helpdesk, on-site technical support with accepted service level agreement.