In the digital era of information that continues to grow, all parties need to pay attention to every aspect both in terms of knowledge of business strategy, security, and global information challenges. Competition between companies is unavoidable and anyone who can use the moment of time and process data effectively and efficiently will be the winner.

We can help you to provides in Digital Era with our knowledge and method from fundamental in IT Business Plan (this plan includes IT summary, IT products and services, market focus, action plans and forecasts, management team, and the financial plan), assist in IT Policy and Procedures (help the company in establishing the guidelines on how Information Technology are to be handled by its employees), ITGC (Information Technology General Control) and application control (consist of procedures or policies that provide a reasonable assurance that the information technology within an organization operates as intended), compliance of regulatory policies from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), Bank Indonesia (BI) and related regulators such as BAPEPAM (refers to the company obeying all of the legal laws and regulations in regards to how they manage the business), Digital Security Evaluation (the examination of a system to determine its degree of compliance with a stated security model, security standard, or specification).

Our Range of Services

  • IT plan, network & platform
  • IT policies & procedure
  • IT general control & application control
  • Regulatory Information system compliance (ISO 20071)
  • Digital security evaluation
  • Data analytical & business intelligence
  • IT training & knowledge management
  • IT helpdesk & support