Corporate Establishment Services

Market entry support & company establishment

Our team will provide local knowledge regarding regulatory, financial and taxation issues to help identify opportunities and manage risk. Our experts can support your investment decision making process and advise you on a range of issues. We will assure that investors have the proper legal entities.

Local partner search & work permit

We can help you find suitable local partners to meet the basic company
organizational structure. We will also help foreign individuals to acquire the proper Work Visa (KITAS) and Work Permit (IMTA). In addition, we help foreign companies engage with local partners in order to support sales and distribution in the market.

Industry-specific license

Based on the most current regulation, companies should acquire additional licenses such as industrial business license, construction business license, ministerial licenses. We can help you with the process of getting these additional licenses.

Trademark & product registration

Trademark registration helps protect the owner’s right and grant the ability to file legal action against unauthorized usage. Our expertise will help you go through the process. In addition, we also handle registration for Food and Beverage, Food Supplements, Medical Devices and Equipment, Cosmetics. We also help with Indonesian National Standard

Corporate Secretarial Services

Administration & regulatory compliance

Regulatory change in Indonesia is ongoing and corporate compliance is a challenge. Our team can help you to manage compliance and mitigate risks of non-compliance. Implementing good corporate governance, undertake corporate social responsibility activities, comply with the labor law; and submit quarterly investment activities to the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

Bank account, paying agent & payroll management

Payroll processes have become complicated with the increasing business growth and the continuous change in government regulation. Managing payroll requires knowledge of local regulations and labor law. Our team also understand regulations related to tax and manpower which assure the payroll calculation will have the correct tax and social security. Additionally, we can help set up a bank account and manage the operational cash of the company.

Temporary staffing & secondment

We help a company to respond quickly and decisively to changes in the internal or external business
environment. This adaptable workforce solutions allow short-term flexibility without making long-term
changes or commitments. Our team can help the employer & employee put the secondment agreement in writing. Include the terms and conditions that will apply during the secondment.

Company dissolution

To dissolve a company, a business is obliged to go through a liquidation process. Our team can help clear and settle the assets and liabilities of the company. This is a mandatory process for both active and inactive businesses in Indonesia to end their legal existence. Our team will make sure that your company go through the necessary steps and properly exit the market.