There many regulations open to interpretations and we’re here to help you with clarification. We assure you we have the in-depth knowledge of the most current regulations. As one of the emerging markets, Indonesia is a compelling destination for foreign investment. With pro-growth policies Indonesia has become a dynamic, competitive and lucrative market for companies. Navigating in the ever-changing business climate in Indonesia requires a capable local consultant.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who specialize in assisting companies to establish their presence and conduct business activities in Indonesia. We help investors do a pre-establishment study such as market research and to clarify their position with regards to government rules such as the Indonesia Negative Investment List. We will ensure you have the correct information about shared ownership, which businesses sectors that is opened with requirements and which is closed completely. Once confirmed, we help foreign companies to decide whether to open a representative office, foreign investment company or joint venture company. Additionally, we provide corporate secretarial services helping companies to stay compliant with various requirements and to manage their office administration.

Our Range of Services

Corporate Establishment Services

  • Market entry support & company establishment
  • Local partner search & work permit
  • Industry-specific license
  • Trademark & product registration

Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Administration & regulatory compliance
  • Bank account, paying agent & payroll management
  • Temporary staffing & secondment
  • Company dissolution