Commercial & industrial real estate development

We offer our expertise either to landowners planning to activate their assets or business owners aspiring to enter a real estate market. Our team’s expertise and experience in construction management and property development can help our clients to manage all or part of the development process, starting from conceptual design, financial models recommendation, marketing strategies and operating
and project budget preparation.

Feasibility study on construction project

The major questions asked by clients when developing a project are how large is the capital expenditure? How much profit will I make? And what kind of disruption will arise? What is the return of investment? Our advisors are ready to help prepare a feasibility study, review and project proposal which include funding option from creditors, recommendation of project implementation options, design adjustments, construction costs recalculation and recapitalization sources.

Quantity survey and contract management

Quantity survey manage all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects and assure the construction cost stays within budget. Our experience in contract management allow us to assist landowners or project owners in selecting the right general contractor and sub-contractors
through tender process. We offer a high accuracy assessment standard for the calculation of the construction cost progress.

Construction administration and supervisory

Project administration starts from pre-project construction to the completion and ready for operation phase. We provide experienced staff to carry out construction administration and supervision of small, medium and large scale projects. We offer an ongoing project administration, supervision of permits under process, creation of payment certificates for ongoing project costs, and guarantees for work efficiency.

Land & property acquisition assistance

We have a land bank and property portfolio ready for sale. Our principle in offering land or assets to be developed is clean and clear. We have options to add the land banks with direct ownership or cooperation with individual owners outside the property business. We also provide an analysis of the feasibility of both land bank and building as potential assets. Our advantage is due to the prudent
principle in transferring land title and assets.

Concept review and design creation

We collaborate with architects to review project concept and create architectural design. We help establish identity and feasibility so the project is ready for the approval process. We help develop the plan, assess the risk factors and allocate the budget. At the execution phase we help review the
design, do modifications, monitor progress, and conduct quality assurance. Finally we assist the review and acceptance process to ensure a proper project closing.

Assets acquisition due diligence & optimization

Due diligence on assets includes the details of fixed assets and the location of these assets, hence verification of the existence and physical condition of matters relating to Warranties and the
binding of obligations in the agreement for ownership of assets such as mortgages or lease, purchase agreements and usage permit. Our team is experienced in various industries, especially in the field of machinery and equipment as a major part of commercial property.

Advisory pre-opening and operator for hospitality projects

Our team is experienced in connecting investors with operators in the hospitality industry from both domestic and international market. Our services include advisory of commercial terms and legal terms for operational agreement between owner and operator. We can also review the operational standard as well as providing an opinion on the efficiency and effectiveness of capital expenditure investments proposed by the operator candidate.