Commercial & financial due diligence

Due diligence is a requirement to verify and evaluate a business opportunity. Due diligence helps realize the principle of prudence in making a business decision. The scope of work covers investigation into all relevant aspects of the predictable present and future condition and necessities of the business. As part of the Merger and Acquisition process, we assist our clients to verify financial reports and identify intangible financial obligation.

Debt & finance restructuring

Restructuring represents a corporate action undertaken by a company to achieve an optimum financial performance and leverage company resources. Our services assist companies implementing strategies through reinvestment or divestment of ownership, formulating efficient and effective cash flows. Whether it is through fund raising, financial instruments or managing debt equity wisely.

Project & business valuation indicative

Business valuation helps business owners obtain an objective estimation of their company’s value. The scope includes analysis of capital structure, future earning prospects, the market value of assets, and analysis of the management’s credibility in managing companies across industries. The valuation delivers opinion reports about the company’s ability to generate revenue and the status of the company’s assets.

Business plans & financial forecasting

Business plan is a foundation in managing and developing a business. The plan includes Mission Statement, Company Background, Product Description, Marketing Plan, Competitor Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Operations, Financial Planning, Timeline, and Executive Summary. We help prepare a detail business plan which include a financial forecasts to determine budget allocation and analyze discrepancy with actual performance.

Funding arrangement for loan and IPO

We serve our clients by providing a financial management solution to meet the needs of business expansion. Our comprehensive solutions ranging from assessment of business development needs, preparation of project development proposals, recommendation of financing instrument options for loans, bonds and IPOs.

Merger & acquisition

Our services are designed to assist clients to accomplish their strategic goals by identifying business opportunities and acquisition target. We assist in the disposal of assets or divestment,
corporate restructuring and strategic consolidation due to market conditions or government regulations. We help businesses by arranging the private equity deal with potential investors.

Feasibility studies

Feasibility study is an important part of business development. We help prepare feasibility study to identify both potential and obstacles that can affect the company’s operations. Our feasibility study and market research services include economic analysis and project feasibility, market analysis,
review of market structure and competitor intelligence, stakeholder consultation and engagement, projected capital requirements & operational costing scenarios.

Fairness opinion & deal advisory

Fairness opinion is needed upon a corporate action such as Merger and Acquisition, or if a company plans to sell a business unit, recapitalization, or share buyback program. We provide a financial point of view with reasonable opinion document based on an analysis of the fairness of the agreement.
Our feasibility study include economic analysis, project feasibility, market analysis, market structure review, demand simulation, projected capital requirements and operational costing scenarios.