Phase of Establishment

Advising & assisting accounting treatment for characteristic specific industry

The development of various industrial sectors drive the need for accurate accounting records and proper reference of business characteristic acceptable to financial accounting standard. Our professional accountants with knowledge of current standard will assist businesses in recording and reporting finance in accordance with accounting standards with a variety of industry specifications.

Initial establishment of accounting system & chart of account

Improvements to the accounting system are required for new companies or companies undergoing restructuring. We provide solutions to identify the structure of accounting record by advising and reviewing a suitable data processor engine, helping the process of accounting data mutations. Our
delivery is not limited to forming a chart of account, we can also provide accounting records manuals and financial reporting formats.

Drafting accounting policies & procedures manual

Our accountants will help companies formulate integration through the creation of accounting systems in the form of financial policies. Design the company collateral transactions, standard operating procedures and a system manual for each management function based on financial transactions to achieve a proper internal control.

Phase of Compliance

Special Assignment

Bookkeeping & financial statement preparation

Companies need to maintain an accounting compliance level to produce proper data, and accuracy on a timely basis. Our accounting team is experienced in providing bookkeeping services in accordance with the generally accepted accounting cycle with confidential and full dedication as an integral part of the company’s internal management.

Study, modelling & implementation of new accounting standards

A dynamic business requires renewal on financial accounting record standard which are acceptable and understandable for decision makers. Our accountants can perform accounting modeling studies to preview the effect of changes in financial records. Our team convert accounting records model in accordance to applicable accounting standards.

Compilation of financial statement & specific format of financial reporting preparation

In certain growth phases a company must adjust its accounting records to the accounting standards. This requirement also affects companies plan to carry out corporate actions in the form of mergers or acquisitions. We offer accounting compilation services to guarantee the financial statements are ready to be audited or verified for due diligence purposes.

Review monthly & yearly financial statements

An independent opinion on the reliability of accounting records is useful to measure and check whether the financial statements are in accordance with financial accounting standards Our accountants will assist companies to review and test accounting data, propose possible adjustments, improve financial report formats and find indications of fraud.