ShineWing International is a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, ranked as the 14th Asia-pacific (Page 40) and 19th worldwide (Page 10) based on overall fee income according to the World Survey 2020 of International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) February 2020.The overall fee is obtained from 67% audit and assurance, 16% advisory, 9% tax and 8% accounting services. Among the Top-20 Global Network Accounting Firms, ShineWing International is the only one network which established, large and strong in Asia.

ShineWing International is committed to strengthening all member firms’ service capabilities, enhancing audit quality control system and building our talent pipeline. ShineWing International has been consistently demonstrating our excellence in providing one-stop cross-border financial and taxation services to our global clients, assisting them to extend their global reach. As of now, ShineWing International has 24 offices in mainland China, together with many offices of 13 member firms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, India, Thailand, Taiwan and Germany.

After more than 30 years of progress and development, ShineWing has achieved a fully integrated management system while being fully committed to its plans for global expansion. ShineWing has now become China’s most renowned and comprehensive professional service organisation with international coverage.

We boost four main service lines-Audit and Assurance, Management Consulting, Tax and Accounting, and Construction Consulting-with over 8000 employees (including more than 400 partners) spread across 14 different countries and regions, 80 offices worldwide.

ShineWing is a professional service provider operating under an integrated matrix management system. We have established an all-in-one platform to execute standardized and streamlined management procedures, including human resources, company finance, operation management, professional standards, as well as information system. This provides a significant advantage for our partners, offices and departments to focus on professional service and business development.

Solidarity and team work are at the core of ShineWing’s culture. Our partners are elites in their profession, hailing from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, UK, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Germany. We trust one another and endeavor towards a common goal :
To support one another and collaborate to lead ShineWing to a better future.

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