In 1963 KAP Hadibroto Rekan was established in Medan by Professor Suhadji Hadibroto, a legendary accountant in Indonesia Currently our offices are in Jakarta as headquarter, with Tangerang, Surabaya, and Pekanbaru as branches. Our audit firm is led by CPA Partners from various expertise backgrounds, across industries such as property, plantation, aviation, automotive, banking, mining, energy, telecommunications, restaurants, financial institutions, state-owned, non-profit, oil and gas. Our audit firm focuses on audit and other assurance services.

Ahmadi Hadibroto, Michell Suharli, and Agustinus Sugiharto lead the transformation of our audit firm from “Legendary” to be “Legacy” in digital technology era With strong experiences from biggest audit firms in the past, we changed the name of the firm, from KAP Hadibroto Rekan to be KAP Suharli Sugiharto Rekan. To accomplish market’s demand, we also established Hadibroto Consulting for tax, legal and business consulting and Shinewing Solutions for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), business advisory solutions and professional learning provider.